John Opdycke

John Opdycke is the Founder and President of Open Primaries. He is an activist and strategist with 30 years of experience working in independent, alternative and reform politics. He is one of the country’s most visible and vocal advocates for electoral reform and political independence. Opdycke began his career as a fundraiser and researcher for […]

Jeremy Gruber

Jeremy is the Senior Vice President at Open Primaries. He is a lawyer, writer, and internationally recognized public policy advocate who has helped enact over 60 state, federal and international laws and regulations. These include the successful passage of the first U.S. civil rights law in over twenty years, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), […]

Russell Daniels

Russell Daniels manages digital communication, content creation, and video production for Open Primaries. He maintains the websites and on-line campaign hubs and creates content for distribution across all of our digital platforms. Russell is also an accomplished actor. He is also an actor who has appeared on Broadway in Gutenberg the Musical and Off Broadway […]

Jessie Fields, MD

Dr. Jessie Fields is an attending physician in Internal Medicine affiliated with the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. She maintains a primary care general medical practice at the Mount Sinai Faculty Practice in the Harlem community. She is on the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and an adjunct faculty member […]

David Belmont

David Belmont is a community organizer and mixed media artist living in New York City. He has been active in independent politics since 1979. David was the National Ballot Access Coordinator for Dr. Lenora Fulani’s historic run for president in 1988 when she became the first woman and first African-American to qualify for the ballot […]

David Cherry

David Cherry is President of the Leaders Network, a collaborative of faith and community leaders working together to organize, strategize and mobilize to improve the quality of life for the West side communities and Greater Chicago. He is also Senior Vice President/Youth and Community Development and City Leader of the All Stars Project of Chicago, […]