Open Primaries RoundUP

April 2023

South Dakota, Independents Rising & The Defensive Campaigns to Protect Our Primaries

May 2023

Momentum builds in PA, a Defensive win in Missouri & a new amendment to bring open primaries to Oregon

June 2023

Campaign launches in Idaho, Students join the fight to repeal closed primaries in PA, Effort to close primaries in Texas defeated & research top two has a signifcant impact in CA

July 2023

Campaign launches in Florida, PA House holds a hearing on open primaries & Ohio Republicans are trying to lock out Ohio voters

August 2023

Bills to close primaries defeated, the campaign to repeal closed primaries in Oklahoma heats up, open primary initiative is approved for the ballot in DC,  Oregon launches petition campaign, New survey on Independent voters out of ASU

September 2023

Independent voters skyrocket, Former governors in PA & ID endorse open primaries, NPR takes on primary reform, reformers gather together in Nevada, DC Democrats sue to lock voters out

January 2022: President's Message

OP President John Opdycke lays out 2022 initiatives/What it took to bring open primaries to Maine/Independent voters can’t be ignored/Protecting open primaries: successful defense campaign from the last year

February 2022: Petitions & Initiatives Launch While Closed Primary Bills are Introduced

Open primaries initiatives gain traction across the country/Closed primary bills are introduced in NH & MO/Students for Open Primaries make their case in FL

April 2022: Long-running Campaigns Heat up & Closed Primary Campaigns Successfully Defeated

Critically important new developments in both long-running and emerging campaigns, successfully defeating closed primary efforts in multiple states and a successful annual campaign that has helped position us for the year ahead.

June 2022: Maine, Midterms & Momentum in PA

 A big win for democracy making waves across the country, growing momentum in state campaigns, new research emerging and an explosion of local and national media coverage on the critical need for primary reform.

July 2022: Court Wins, Movie Screens & Taking the Show on the Road

Oklahoma United Wraps First Phase of UnMute OK Campaign to REPEAL Closed Primaries, Democrats Lose in Court-Fail to Torpedo OP Efforts in Nevada and Oregon and OP Senior VP Jeremy Gruber debates the merits of open primaries in Divided We Fail. 

August 2022: We're on the ballot, an explosive new report on partisan control of election administration & Prepping for Battle

Things are heating up at Open Primaries this summer: an open primary initiative makes the ballot in Nevada, an explosive new report on partisan control of election administration – and we’re prepping for battle in 10 open primary states where legislators want to enact closed primaries.

October 2022: Who owns the primaries, Campaign updates & How Independents Can Save American Democracy

Open Primaries receives national media coverage surrounding the key question: Who owns the primaries? Campaign updates from Nevada, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Wyoming and our Virtual Discussion Series returns! 

December 2022: Everything that just went down in the midterms and beyond!

We’re breaking down everything that just went down in the Midterms and beyond: reform wins, closed primary efforts defeated, independents and young voters break out and a look at what’s on the horizon in 2023!

2022 President's Message

Open Primaries President John Opdycke looks back at what we’ve accomplished in 2022 and what lays ahead in 2023. 

Shapiro’s Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) Initiative Amplifies Need to End Closed Primaries (September 2023)

Independent Voters Skyrocket Independents Become Largest Group of Voters in 3 States in the Past Year (September 2023)

Campaign Launched to Close Florida’s Corrupt Write-In Loophole Over 8 Million Voters Already Disenfranchised (June 2023)

Independent Voters Are Breaking out in 2022 The Implications for our (Democracy 2022)

Young Voters Just Stood Up for American Democracy in the Midterms New Survey Explains Why (November 2022)

Independent Voters Just Stood Up For American Democracy; Nevada Moves One Step Closer To Including Them With Open Primaries (November 2022)

Nonpartisan Open Primaries Protect Republicans Who Voted To Impeach, Renewed Attention Brought to Primary Election Reform (August 2022)

Highly partisan U.S. election administration should become nonpartisan to preserve democracy, new report recommends (July 2022)

Open Primaries Becomes Law in Maine Over 350,000 Voters Enfranchised (May 2022)


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