Sila Avcil

Sila Avcil was born in Iowa and raised between the United States and Turkey throughout her life. She is a first-generation dual citizen, Turkish-American. She attended high school in Turkey and moved to New Mexico to pursue her college education. Sila is an alumnus of the University of New Mexico (UNM) with her Master’s in Political Science. […]

Will Conway

Will Conway is a community organizer with over a decade of experience in movement building. Conway served as the National Organizing Director for No Labels, where he built the infrastructure for an independent presidential campaign in 2023, managing the largest department in the organization. Before that, he served as the National Organizing Director for the […]

Cesar Marquez

Cesar Marquez is a dedicated member of the Nevada Forward Party’s Executive Committee, where he plays a key role in the party’s efforts to gain ballot access. His journey into election reform began in 2020 when he co-founded Move Nevada Forward, a nonprofit aimed at fostering positive change in the state’s electoral processes. Cesar is […]

Lisa D.T. Rice

Lisa D. T. Rice, S.M., is a political philanthropist and leader in the national grassroots democracy reform movement. A collaborative thinker, Lisa is one of a cohort of thirty BIPOC-majority Democracy Fellows convened by the Bridge Alliance in 2022 to envision the future of our nation. She serves on the board of directors of Unite […]

Margaret Kobos

Margaret Kobos founded Oklahoma United for Progress (“OKUnited”), a grassroots, 501c4 political nonprofit with the mission to empower moderate and centrist voters in Oklahoma.  OKUnited seeks to bring about balance, common sense solutions, and full representation of all voters through advocacy and systemic improvements. Prior to forming OKUnited, Margaret practiced law and worked in institutional […]

David Thornburgh

David Thornburgh is a nationally recognized “civic entrepreneur” who throughout his career has created and led high impact initiatives to promote economic development, political reform, and good government in Pennsylania.  He was named a Senior Advisor for the Committee of Seventy in January 2022 after serving as its President and CEO since November, 2014. Seventy […]

Jarell Corley

Jarell Corley began working on political campaigns from a young age, joining his mom to collect signatures for local Illinois candidates. His quest to find a more meaningful cause started 10 years ago when he discovered Jarell quickly became involved with the movement in a number of capacities and has been an avid advocate for independents ever […]

Dariel Cruz Rodriguez

Dariel Cruz Rodriguez is an aspiring change maker who enjoys connecting the dots. Dariel has been featured on the Fulcrum and Miami Herald for his work in Florida. From solving problems in his capacity as a Steering Committee Member at the Civics 2030 Campaign to being apart of a state campaign to bring Open Primaries […]

John Opdycke

John Opdycke is the Founder and President of Open Primaries. He is an activist and strategist with 30 years of experience working in independent, alternative and reform politics. He is one of the country’s most visible and vocal advocates for electoral reform and political independence. Opdycke began his career as a fundraiser and researcher for […]

Jeremy Gruber

Jeremy is the Senior Vice President at Open Primaries. He is a lawyer, writer, and internationally recognized public policy advocate who has helped enact over 60 state, federal and international laws and regulations. These include the successful passage of the first U.S. civil rights law in over twenty years, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), […]