Young Voters Stand Up for Open Primaries

Featuring: Students for Ballot PA Members: Harry Hou (Swarthmore College) Danika Grieser (Swarthmore College) Andrew Cadwallader (Haverford College) Brenna Wrubel (Carnegie Mellon University) Joshua Summers (University of Pittsburgh) Jojo Dawaldi (Penn State University)

Hosted by: John Opdycke (Open Primaries)

Americans are rejecting the Democratic and Republican Parties and going independent, and young voters are leading the way. 61% of 18 to 24-year-olds identify as independents – a 50% increase since 1998.

Students for Ballot PA, a group of students from 16 different colleges in Pennsylvania is a powerful voice in the campaign to repeal closed primaries.

Last Monday they rallied 60 students from across PA at the state capitol calling for an end to closed primary elections. The open primaries movement has never seen a group of young people organizing with this level of enthusiasm. And the momentum in PA is building. 2 bills were JUST PASSED by the PA House State Government Committee– the first time open primary legislation has gotten through an Assembly committee!

On Thursday November 16th at 3pm ET, we’ll welcome key leaders from Students for Ballot PA for our next Virtual Discussion- Young Voters Stand Up for Open Primaries- with special guests: Students for Ballot PA Members Harry Hou & Danika Grieser (Swarthmore College) & Andrew Cadwallader (Haverford College). We’ll discuss the campaign, their perspective on the growing independence of younger voters, and how they’ve been so successful at inspiring their peers to join the cause.

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