The Primary Solution: a conversation with Nick Troiano

On Thursday March 14th at 1pm ET, Open Primaries President John Opdycke welcomed Nick Troiano to our Virtual Discussion Series to discuss Nick’s new book – The Primary Solution – the meteoric rise of independent voters and the ups and downs of democracy activism in 2024 America.

Nick has been an outspoken independent since 2014, when he ran for the US House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 10th District and was both the youngest candidate of the cycle and the most competitive independent Congressional candidate nationally in over two decades. He is the founding executive director of Unite America, a philanthropic venture fund that invests in nonpartisan election reform nationwide.

Since 2019, Unite America has invested over $70 million to help win 50 statewide and municipal policy victories. This promises to be a fascinating discussion between two outspoken movers and shakers in the primary reform movement! You won’t want to miss it!

Participants are recommended to read John and Nick’s “Not So Super Tuesday” editorial from US News and World Report and purchase The Primary Solution prior to the conversation. It’s a compelling book that provides a roadmap for how we can practically make our government more representative.

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