An Inside Look at the Campaign to Repeal Pennsylvania’s Closed Primaries

Featuring: Former PA Senate President Joe Scarnati, Independent Pennsylvanians Director Jennifer Bullock… & special guests!

Hosted by:  John Opdycke, President Open Primaries, & David Thornburgh, Chair of Ballot PA

One million independent voters in Pennsylvania are locked out of voting in primaries. Recent years have seen a consistent drumbeat from local actors on the ground to reform the system and open it up to all voters with bills that have languished in house committees. But something different is brewing in Pennsylvania…and we’re not talking about Yuengling or Rolling Rock!

On Tuesday May 9th at 1pm EST we are hosting an in-depth conversation with many of the local voices that are leading the charge.

Opdycke and Thornburgh will co-host a discussion featuring former Senator Joe Scarnatti (an early champion of open primaries in PA), the Director of Independent Pennsylvanians Jennifer Bullock (who’s been speaking up for the rights of independent voters for years) and some special guests. We’ll be hearing directly from the team on the ground why this new push to open PA’s primaries feels different this time around and how they plan on capitalizing on the oversized role PA plays in American politics. You will learn about ways to help, no matter where you live.

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