Can Arizona Lead the Way on Democratic Reform?

Featuring: Paul Johnson (former Mayor of Phoenix)

Hosted by: John Opdycke (Open Primaries)

Paul Johnson is an independent voter. He’s also the former Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona. And he has been working tirelessly to bring open primaries to Arizona since 2012. He’s been pushed and bullied, attacked and derailed by political hacks of all stripes, but he continues to be one of the most passionate and articulate spokespeople for letting ALL VOTERS VOTE in the country.

And he’s got some big news. The coalition that he, Chuck Coughlin and Sara Smallhouse assembled over the last two years – Save Democracy AZ – has come up with a novel way to democratize state, federal AND presidential primaries…all at the same time!

It’s a hand-crafted-for-Arizona approach that promises to put the state’s largest group of voters-independents-on equal footing with party voters and offer real choice to EVERYONE. Petitioning starts next week.

On Tuesday December 12th at 3pm ET, Open Primaries President John Opdycke will welcome the former Mayor of Phoenix and Save Democracy AZ Team Leader Paul Johnson to talk about the campaign and their innovative approach to reform.

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