What it Takes to Deliver Fair Representation for the American People: A Conversation with Kent Thiry

Kent Thiry wears many hats: business leader, political independent, patriot, consensus builder and political reform innovator are just a few. He has waged four successful election-reform ballot-initiative campaigns in Colorado: Opening primaries to unaffiliated voters (Prop 107 in 2016), restoring the state’s presidential primary (Prop 108 in 2016), banning political gerrymandering and establishing independent redistricting commissions for the state’s political maps (Amendments Y&Z in 2018). Colorado’s open primary has led to 8 times more voters participating in primaries in 2020 compared to 2016. Prior to his work in Colorado, he co-authored the legislative redistricting measure in California. Kent is not one to rest on his accomplishments. He continues to advocate for pro-democracy reform in Colorado and across the country as Co-Chair of Unite America. He has learned how to build reform coalitions that span the ideological spectrum, activate independent voters, connect with the grassroots – and win!

Featuring: Kent Thiry
Hosted by John Opdycke

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