April 2024: A Conversation with Nebraskan Dan Osborn, Independent candidate for US Senate

“Can a union leader with no political experience find an agenda that transcends the two political parties and appeals to blue-collar wallets?”

–Jonathan Weisman, New York Times (2/18/2024)

If you know Nebraska, Dan Osborn isn’t unusual. Nebraskans have been fiercely independent and anti-political corruption for 100 years. They enacted a unicameral and nonpartisan legislature and nonpartisan primaries back in the 1930’s precisely to put problem solving and citizen leadership ahead of partisan shenanigans. But by national standards, Dan Osborn is VERY unusual. He’s no politician.

He’s an independent who has spent his whole life fixing things. He’s a husband and father, member of the Nebraska National Guard and US Navy Veteran, an industrial mechanic, and a union leader who led the successful 2021 strike against the Kellogg’s plant in Omaha – preserving hundreds of middle-class jobs. He’s challenging Republican Incumbent Senator Deb Fischer as an independent and building his campaign around the simple notion that Nebraskans of all walks of life have more in common than the partisans who wake up every morning with new ideas about how to divide us. Polls are showing a competitive match-up, and Dan is turning some heads (check out his recent profile in the New York Times)

On Thursday April 25th at 5pm ET, Open Primaries President John Opdycke will sat down with Dan to discuss his dynamic campaign, his experience as an independent candidate in an overwhelmingly partisan system and why an “independent attitude” is crucial to moving the country forward.

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